Jakob Greenfeld

Hi, I'm Jakob

I'm passionate about bootstrap entrepreneurship and recently decided to pursue a Bootstrap MBA.

My goal is to learn everything I can about product ideation, marketing, and product development by building and launching a new product each month. If you're interested in following along, join my weekly newsletter.

Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter.

Here are a few things I've been working on recently.


Project Name Type Description Launch Date Current Status
Under the Radar Micro-SaaS Trend signals for investors, entrepreneurs and marketers. 05-2021 Active
Unearthing Opportunities Podcast Brainstorming sessions with experts. 03-2021 Active
Opportunities.so Newsletter Research-as-a-service for entrepreneurs. 03-2021 Active
Bootstrap MBA All Access Pass Newsletter Behind the scenes insights. 02-2021 Pivot
Indie Drops Newsletter Highlighting new projects from indie makers. 01-2021 Dormant
What to Tweet Mini-Tool Tweet inspiration prompts. 12-2020 Dormant
Newsletter Spy Data Data on Substack newsletters. 11-2020 Dormant
Product Ideas Podcast Product idea brainstorming sessions. 11-2020 Pivot
Gum Spy Data Analyze what's selling on Gumroad. 11-2020 Sold
Product Explorer Podcast Conversations with solopreneurs about their journeys. 10-2020 Dormant
Product Explorer Data Data for makers and indie investors. 10-2020 Sold
Maker News Mini-Tool Combined Hacker News, Indie Hackers, and Product Hunt feed. 09-2020 Dormant
Product Ideas Newsletter Everything related to product ideas. 08-2020 Pivot
Product Idea Prompts Mini-Tool Never again run out of product ideas. 08-2020 Dormant
Maker Reads Mini-Tool Data-driven book recommendations for entrepreneurs. 07-2020 Dormant
Bootstrap MBA Newsletter Reflecting on my independent learning experiment. 07-2020 Active
Bootstrap MBA Podcast Reflecting on my independent learning experiment. 07-2020 Dormant

Brag Sheet

Nailed even the private stuff https://t.co/81zim7wq1Y

— Nathan Latka (@NathanLatka) October 22, 2020

This is *awesome*. If you need a business idea, go here: https://t.co/QZSgDEfQFg

— Andrew Wilkinson (@awilkinson) October 30, 2020

i mean your name could be a techno dj HAHAH

— ؜ (@levelsio) October 29, 2020

I love it! Best MBA you could ever get :D

— Arvid Kahl (@arvidkahl) October 16, 2020

Give Jakob some more things to put in his brag sheet!

Jakob, it's awesome that you're doing a bootstrap MBA and that you didn't wait to start selling products (congrats on your first sale!). Amazing ambitionhttps://t.co/EmjXbJUd74

— James "Recovering Rationalist" Stuber (@uberstuber) October 30, 2020