Jakob Greenfeld

Hi, I'm Jakob

I'm passionate about bootstrap entrepreneurship and recently decided to pursue a Bootstrap MBA.

My goal is to learn everything I can about product ideation, marketing, and product development by building and launching a new product each month. If you're interested in following along, join my weekly Bootstrap MBA newsletter.

Here are a few things I've been working on recently.


Maker Reads Maker News
everything that's important at a single glance
Maker Reads Product Idea Prompts
never again run out of product ideas
Maker Reads Maker Reads
data-driven book recommendations for entrepreneurs
Bootstrap MBA Bootstrap MBA
an independent learning experiment
Awakening from the Meaning Crisis Awakening from the Meaning Crisis
resources related to John Vervaeke's lecture series


Business Ideation 0. The Grand Unified Theory of Product Ideation 1. The business hyperspace 2. Follow the money and turn costs into revenue 3. Bet on trends 4. Sell pickax to gold miners and heads and handles to the pickax sellers 5. Need business ideas? Watch out for unbundlings

Software Development 1. Choosing a tech stack and making sense of the web devlopment landscape (from a bootstrap entrepreneurial perspective) 2. Code and design are no longer bottlenecks 3. Making sense of Ruby on Rails - Part 1: Routes, Actions, Controllers, and Views

Marketing 1. Build your personal self-invention machine

Happiness 1. The insight epidemic 2. How Twitter hijacks our desire for meaning in life 3. My principles and practices of Personal Education 4. The broken window theory of productivity

P.S. I'm now on Twitter too if you'd like to follow my adventures.