Do not listen to the agency gurus

Most agency influencers never reached the level you want to reach.

Getting an agency to $30k/month is not that hard. But to get to that next level, say, $300k/month, you really have to know what you’re doing. You need world-class systems and processes, not just on the delivery side but also on the sales side.

So what happens at $30k/month is that everything starts falling apart. Stuff becomes serious. You really hit the limits of what you can manage yourself.

So a lot of these agency influencers decided that selling courses on how to build an agency is actually a lot easier than trying to get to the next level themselves.

As a result, all they can teach is how to get to $30k/month. But they have no idea how to get to $300k/month and beyond. They know nothing about the actual hard parts of building an agency since they opted out when things got serious.

So please don’t listen to their advice unless you are a complete beginner.

And even then you most likely don’t need their advice.

Just put yourself out there.

Start talking to people. Offer to work for free.

Once you figure out how to deliver value, start charging.

Then raise prices.

And only once you hit that level when everything starts falling apart and you can’t stay on top of everything, you should try looking for advice again.

Most likely won’t find much valuable stuff. Since everyone who knows how to get to that next level is a world-class operator and entrepreneur.

And people like this got better stuff to do than teaching courses.

Written on June 7, 2023

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