🧠 Focus

I haven’t made much progress recently.

My biggest mistake?

I didn’t focus.

It’s painfully obvious if you take a step back.

Why the f*ck do I write 3 newsletters?

This makes everything unnecessarily hard.

Quality suffers.

It’s confusing.

“You should read Jakob’s newsletter!” “Which one?”

There’s less buzz, less domain authority, less organic traffic.

Three sites with a domain authority of 15 are simply not getting the same traffic as one page with a domain authority of 45, even if they contain exactly the same content.

Instead of building three lists from zero to 5000 subscribers, I could’ve built one list to 50,000 subscribers with the same amount of effort.

There’s a threshold when a project becomes a thing.

People can feel the buzz. The name keeps popping up everywhere.

Google starts considering it a trustworthy resource.

Getting there is so much harder if you’re not focusing your energy.

Whenever I was doing a marketing experiment, I had to make a decision: do I want to direct people here or there? This costs unnecessary mental energy.

Sometimes I couldn’t make a decision and ended up doing nothing instead.

I never got clean data on what’s working

I wasn’t able to optimize.

So yes, I’m going to focus from now on.

I will write just one newsletter every week.

I’m going to think out loud about the inner game of entrepreneurship just like I do in this text.

I will share all the patterns and tactics I uncover in my studies of successsfull founders and businesses.

It will be exactly the newsletter I’d love to read myself.

It’s going to be awesome.

Join here.

Written on May 2, 2022