The Fuck it Habit

Dozens of books preach the magical powers of habits but hardly anyone talks about specific examples beyond the most obvious ones.

So what else can you try?

Here’s one idea that has been a game changer for me. It’s really simple: twice a day, I ask myself “What am I avoiding? What task scares me right now?”

Another powerful prompt I’m using is: If I had no fear, guilt, or doubt, I would…

This helps me identify things that are holding me back and keep me from making progress.

And when I’ve identified those tasks, you guessed it, I say “fuck it” and just do it.

It sounds simple, maybe even too simple. But here’s the thing.

Unless you’re doing a conscious effort to identify tasks you’re avoiding, they will simply not enter the conscious part of your mind. Our brains are incredibly good at filtering out and hiding anything that potentially could be uncomfortable.

The same is true for jumping through the invisible barrier and actually doing the task you’ve been avoiding. Our brains are really good at quickly finding more comfortable tasks. Hence without a reliable process to win the fight against the Resistance, you will quickly be busy with less meaningful tasks and push the uncomfortable task out of your consciousness.

“Fck it” is a powerful mantra and a great general mindset to adopt. But in combination with the habit of actively identifying tasks you’re avoiding it’s 10x more powerful. I’ve incorporate the “fck it” habit as part of my morning and midday routine (which is a criminally underrated way to reset and boost your productivity).

I’m an introvert so the tasks I’m avoiding are often related to interacting with other people. It’s writing that email, replying to that email, making that phone call, putting myself out there in some way by, for example, publishing a finished essay like the one you’re reading right now. These kinds of things. They usually take less than 5 minutes but the momentum boost afterward is always amazing.

You’re most likely avoiding different kinds of tasks. And if you’re really not able to identify any tasks you’re avoiding, that’s most likely a sign of an even bigger problem. You’re too deep inside your comfort zone and it’s time to start playing new more challenging games.

So especially if you’re feeling stuck and like you’re not making enough progress, try adopting the “fck it” habit. Ask yourself what you’re avoiding, say “fck it” and do it.

Written on February 6, 2023

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