The Hormozi Playbook

Step 1: Build Authority

Turn yourself into an authority by blasting out content on every channel you can think of.

Write a book, start a podcast, do a newsletter, post on TikTok.

There are two keys when it comes to content: volume and frame.

You need to put out a ton of content, but also do it from the strong frame possible.

The actual words you say are really only 20% of the equation. The other 80% is the frame you put around it.

The stuff you say might have been said a gazillion times before, often in a much better way.

But that doesn’t matter if you do it from the strongest frame possible.

To build trust, emphasize that you’re not selling anything. This sets you apart from all the slimy business gurus out there.

Frame everything as advice you learned from your own experience. This makes your advice bulletproof. It’s a very different thing if you say “here’s what you should do” vs “here’s what I did”.

Position yourself as an incredibly successful entrepreneur (e.g., “$100M entrepreneur”, whatever that means). The exact same advice will be perceived as either life-changing or useless depending on the frame. If it’s coming from a weak frame, such as someone perceived as just a random person, it’s useless. If it’s coming from, say, Warren Buffet, people will listen.

Step 2: Turn Authority into Equity

Most people that successfully build a massive audience end up selling courses or coaching.

Not you. You’re going to do something much smarter.

Approach founders of businesses doing $1M-$10M in revenue and offer to help them grow their business.

You’re not charging anything but you’re also not going to put in any money.

Instead you’re going to take equity in the business in exchange for your help.

And since at this point you are perceived as an authority, people will say yes.

In fact, a ton of people will actually apply to work with you.

They will happily hand over significant equity in their business in exchange for your help.

This playbook is absolutely genius. And Alex Hormozi is executing it to perfection right now.

Written on June 12, 2023

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