Focus on impressive quality, not performative activity

There is a lot of advice for agency owners emphasizing that it’s not just important to do the work but just as important to show that you’re doing the work.

Meaning you should increase the number of touchpoints with each client by sending regular updates, no matter how small.

This is completely false.

If you don’t deliver what you promised, no amount of updates will save you.

If you deliver what you promised, no updates are necessary.

The idea that clients will stick around in the absence of tangible results just because you have a lot of touchpoints is a myth.

Every minute you spend on writing updates is a minute you also could have spent on driving better results.

And that’s what clients care about. Results.

They see right through it if you try to bamboozle them with a lot of updates.

The focus should be on delivering impressive quality, not on performative activity.

Written on March 26, 2024

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