I'm fine building a normal business

One thing I learned about myself the past few months is that I’m perfectly happy building and running a normal business.

Not a rocketship startup that has a 0.001% chance of changing the world and making me a billionaire.

Not a magic money printing machine that spits out cash while I sleep.

Just a normal business where we do good work and are paid fairly for it.

I still see the appeal, of course.

Who doesn’t want to earn money while they sleep or have a billion dollars in the bank?

But at large, the world is a pretty efficient place.

You get paid in direct proportion to the value you create for others.

Yes, some people do discover free money glitches.

They make a fortune before they really deserve it.

And that’s of course great for them.

But to me doing good work and being paid fairly seems more appealing that hunting for a free money glitch.

Written on March 19, 2024

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