Nothing lasts forever so go hard at it

The most successful people understand that no opportunity lasts forever.

So when they see an opportunity with serious potential, they go hard at it.

They don’t just dip their toes in the water. They go all in.

Fifteen years ago affiliate sites were an easy way to make money. Put up a simple Wordpress site, write some reviews, build a few backlinks, and slap on some affiliate links to Amazon. If you did proper keyword research and knew how to build backlinks you could easily make a few hundred bucks a month.

And a lot of average Joes did just that. They built a site, maybe two, or five. And they made a nice little side income.

But the most successful people went all in. They built hundreds of sites. They hired writers. They built systems. They built software. They built agencies. They built empires.

Now the opportunity is long gone. The market is dominated by a few big players.

But the most successful people have already made millions and moved on to the next opportunity.

Then for some time you could get a ton of free attention with viral content on Facebook. So a few people went all in. They built huge pages. They hired writers. And some of them made millions.

The opportunity is long gone. Facebook changed the algorithm to make sure everyone has to pay for reach. But again, the most successful people had already made their millions.

Something similar happened recently on Twitter. For two years it was possible to build a huge following writing threads. So a few people went all in. They wrote polished threads every single week. They hired ghostwriters and paid other people for retweets to make sure every single one got maximum exposure. Within a few months they amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and leveraged that attention to build businesses, huge email lists, and sell courses.

Now threads are quasi dead. The algorithm has changed. But a few people have already made their millions and converted their followers into email subscribers, a channel they 100% control, and businesses that keep growing.

The lesson to learn here is that the only right approach when you seen an opportunity is to go hard ad it.

Slow and steady doesn’t work. You have to go all in. You have to milk it for all it’s worth before the window closes.

I built a few affiliate sites back in the day. But I didn’t go all in. So even though I made some money, I feel like I missed out on a huge opportunity.

I wrote a few threads that went viral on Twitter. I got a few thousand followers. But I didn’t go all in. So again I feel like I missed out on a huge opportunity.

Next time I’ll know. I’ll go all in.

Written on June 11, 2023

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