Let's make the internet raw again

I’ve recently decided to start posting whatever whenever I feel like it.

No strategy, no scheduling. Just raw thoughts.

The pendulum is definitely swinging back right now.

I couldn’t care less about yet another polished threadboi thread on Twitter, yet another perfectly edited YouTube video with clickbait title, jump cuts, upbeat music, and all that or yet another insta post of someone’s perfectly arranged breakfast.

People crave authenticity again. They crave rawness.

A lot of people stopped posting since they feel like that perfectly polished content is what’s required nowadays.

But the only people who have time to put out that kind of content are people who do nothing else.

They’re professional content creators. And they just regurgitate waht they picked up elsewhere.

Someone’s raw blog post about the lessons learned building their startup is 10x more insightful than any of these “37 lessons learned by studying Elon Musk for 400 hours” nonsense posts.

First-hand experience is always king.

And when you’re in the weeds, actaully building interesting things, you don’t have time to polish your content. When you’re lucky, you have time to write a quick tweet or a short blog post.

And that’s exactly what people want to see.

They want to see what you’re working on right now. They want to see what you’re thinking about right now. They want to see what you’re struggling with right now.

They want to see the real you.

Not that fake persona content creators encourage you to put out.

Delete that content calendar. Delete that scheduling app.

Let’s make the internet raw again.

Written on August 3, 2023

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