The Service Identity Lever

There are few real cheat codes when it comes to business but pulling the service identity lever is one.

In the past year I’ve worked with 100+ b2b companies and one of the main lessons was that selling generic offers is incredibly hard.

“We do FB ads”

“We do SEO”

Or even worse:

“We do SEO, Google Ads, Landing Pages, Recruitment,… really anything you’re willing to give us money for.”

There are a gazillion agencies offering the exact same thing.

No one sees a pitch like this and thinks “fuck yeah, let’s talk””.

The only levers you have are offering bottom tier prices, crazy guarantees, and overpromising results.

Not a fun game to play.

But when you start coining your own unique mechanism, you start playing a completely different game.

“Our ‘Growth Amplifier Matrix’ supercharges e-commerce brands to break 7-figure revenue ceilings.”

“Through our ‘Impact Velocity Method’, we drive exponential user engagement for mobile apps.”

No one else is offering this.

Suddenly you’re operating in a category of one.

You can start commanding premium prices since you’re no longer offering a commodity.

Prospects will actually want to learn more.

Humans and curious by nature.

When they hear a new phrase they feel a pull to understand it.

You could call this branding, of course.

But that’s far too nebulous and broad for my taste.

You don’t need fancy designs or anything that’s usually associated with branding.

All it takes is taking your existing offer, writing down every single tiny piece that makes it unique, and then coming up with a cool sounding name.

Service Identity Lever defintiely sounds a lot cooler than branding.

It’s more specific and also puts this essay in a category of one.

After all, it got your attention, right?

Written on February 12, 2024

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