Cold outreach is a slow channel

Most people don’t understand that cold outreach is a slow channel.

You’re approaching people who have never heard of your offer before.

It takes time to build trust.

They want to evaluate alternatives. Talk to their team. Try things, poke around, ask questions, circle back in a few weeks.

Our best-performing clients saw little results for the first 3 months.

Now they’re absolutely crushing it even though we didn’t change much.

It just took time for the results to compound.

You get their attention. You follow up. You talk to them. You talk to them some more. And eventually, deals will start to close.

Patience and trusting the process are the name of the game.

Most people give up too early.

We had clients angrily churn after 1 week.


Their expecation was roughly this:

• initial outreach • sale

But the reality is more like this:

• initial outreach • 1st follow-up • reply asking questions • answer questions • more questions • answer more questions • 1st follow-up • 2nd follow-up • 3rd follow-up • silence for 6 weeks • reply “Let’s go!” • sale

humble vs startup plan

As an agency it’s of course our job to set the right expectation. And we’re getting better at it. Lesson learned.

But regardless of if you’re hiring an agency or running cold email campaigns yourself, if you can’t afford to be patient, don’t even bother starting.

It’s just not worth it.

Unless you’re selling $50 products, deals will take time to close. And if you’re selling $50 products, you’re better off with ads anyway.

Momentum takes time to build.

All the good stuff only starts to happen when you’re staying in the game long enough.

Written on July 27, 2023

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