McGregor Forever - my notes

Focus on one specific process where you can provide amazing value, where your clients are most happy with your work. Then double down on it. Develop a repeatable, teachable process. Focus on that and decline all other work.
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🧠 Don't read this

Why did you open this essay? Do you even have a reason? Did you even think about it? I bet the answer is no. And that, my friend, is a problem.

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🧠 Breaking Mimetic Chains

I know zero people personally who want to change the world. I don’t know anyone in real life who is on a non-standard path. No one who wants more out of life than anyone else and is fighting tooth and nails for their dream.

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🧠 I'm awake

I’ve been asleep. Drifting. Pushing buttons for 10 hours every day but not accomplishing anything.

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🧠 Coming up with a learning challenge as an aspiring entrepreneur

A huge challenge everyone who decides to be self-employed needs to face is that there are suddenly no constraints. At school, university, or work, there are always deadlines and you had to carry pre-specified work using a pre-defined toolbox. But if you’re self employed, you can build anything, work on any project, using any tool, framework, or programming language.

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🧠 My Principles and Practices of Personal Education

One area of my life I struggled with for a long time is education. I love to learn but what I’ve been doing for a long time was far from systematic. I picked books at random. I mostly restricted myself to purely passive reading. I didn’t interact with other people that are interested in the same topic.

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⭐️ Essays I put serious effort into

🧠 Raw brain dumps