What I learned from Sam Parr about cold outreach

Sam Parr isn’t that big of a deal. But still, when he shared his screen it showed almost a thousand unread emails and hundreds of Twitter notifications. So this is what you’re competing with if you want to connect with people like him. It’s a noisy world out there.

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What I learned from Rob Walling about micropreneurship

Most of the books that I want to read during my Bootstrap MBA experiment focus on just one specific topic. This makes sense because book that cover too many topics usually don’t go deep enough to be useful. However, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to read at least one “general purpose” book that covers a lot of ground and thus can give me some orientation at the beginning of my journey. Initially, I decided to read Pieter Level’s book MAKE which is subtitled “The Bootstrapper’s Handbook” and has gathered a lot of praise in the maker community.

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💡 Why I write Profiles

I love reading books. But even more so I love studying how people a few steps ahead of me got to where they are now. After picking a new "target" I consume everything they've written, every podcast episode they appeared on, and spent hours researching what they actually do, not just what they say.

Then I write about the patterns, ideas, and lessons I've learned from that and share them here.

Some of the notes are still work-in-progress.