The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida - my notes

  • I started reading the book a few times but never made it past the first few pages. But this time for whatever reason it “clicked”.
  • If the timing is right, it’s one of these books that fit Kafka’s description of books as “the axe for the frozen sea within you”.
  • Overall a 9/10 for me.
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Follow Curiosity

Suddenly, ambition becomes the driver, or money, or doing something that sounds cool. And then things start to go downhill.
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Monk Mode Doesn't Work

It would be nice to escape all the noise, all the chatter, for a while and just focus on getting some seriously deep work done.
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Fixing the Friendship Equation

Let's call a friend someone you can comfortably call at 11 pm on a Tuesday to ask if you can crash on their couch for the night since you've locked yourself out of your apartment
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Always start with the hardest part

Before you start, write down all the necessary puzzle pieces and rank them from hardest to easiest. If you’re unsure how to rank certain parts, replace “hardest” with “scariest” or “most uncomfortable”. Then start with the hardest, scariest, most uncomfortable one.

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McGregor Forever - my notes

Focus on one specific process where you can provide amazing value, where your clients are most happy with your work. Then double down on it. Develop a repeatable, teachable process. Focus on that and decline all other work.
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🧠 Don't read this

Why did you open this essay? Do you even have a reason? Did you even think about it? I bet the answer is no. And that, my friend, is a problem.

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🧠 Breaking Mimetic Chains

I know zero people personally who want to change the world. I don’t know anyone in real life who is on a non-standard path. No one who wants more out of life than anyone else and is fighting tooth and nails for their dream.

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🧠 I'm awake

I’ve been asleep. Drifting. Pushing buttons for 10 hours every day but not accomplishing anything.

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🧠 Coming up with a learning challenge as an aspiring entrepreneur

A huge challenge everyone who decides to be self-employed needs to face is that there are suddenly no constraints. At school, university, or work, there are always deadlines and you had to carry pre-specified work using a pre-defined toolbox. But if you’re self employed, you can build anything, work on any project, using any tool, framework, or programming language.

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🧠 My Principles and Practices of Personal Education

One area of my life I struggled with for a long time is education. I love to learn but what I’ve been doing for a long time was far from systematic. I picked books at random. I mostly restricted myself to purely passive reading. I didn’t interact with other people that are interested in the same topic.

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⭐️ Essays I put serious effort into

🧠 Raw brain dumps