Never Launch

“Never launch. Seed with a small group, see if it’s working, and then grow.” - Nikita Bier

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Cave Art Energy

If you truly understood all of your shortcomings and had a full picture of what other people had already tried and failed at, you would most likely never ever start.
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Tactics, Principles, and Frames

Whenever you feel stuck, change into an environment with more spatial, social, and temporal degrees of freedom. Nature, open sky, zero deadlines, no other human nearby.
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Built to Sell by John Warrillow - my notes

Focus on one specific process where you can provide amazing value, where your clients are most happy with your work. Then double down on it. Develop a repeatable, teachable process. Focus on that and decline all other work.
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⭐️ Bet on Trends

As I’ve mentioned in my humble business ideation article, one of the best strategies for humble entrepreneurs without a huge marketing budget is to bet on trends. Big companies are typically too slow to move quickly enough. And if a market is still small when you enter it, it will be much easier to get the attention of customers. When the market then explodes, your business will grow accordingly. This way, “the market you’re in will determine most of your growth,” to quote Sahil Lavingia.

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⭐️ Humble Businesses vs. Startups

Before we can generate and evaluate business ideas, we need to answer the question: what type of business do you want to build? This question is important because many ideas are not bad per se. Instead, they’re just bad if you want to build a particular kind of business.

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⭐️ Essays I put serious effort into

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