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Founder Patterns

The main difference between experienced and less experienced founders is that they have larger repertoire of patterns to refer to.
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⭐️ Share your secrets

This is how I know that readers will find this text valuable, that this content will resonate with people and it is worth my time writing it.
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🧠 Why I write

If you don’t use tools to make sure your actions are aligned with your long-term goals, you’ll get off course in no time. Sure, you’ll still be moving. But you won’t make any progress towards goals you care about.

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🧠 Don't read this

Why did you open this essay? Do you even have a reason? Did you even think about it? I bet the answer is no. And that, my friend, is a problem.

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🧠 Breaking Mimetic Chains

I know zero people personally who want to change the world. I don’t know anyone in real life who is on a non-standard path. No one who wants more out of life than anyone else and is fighting tooth and nails for their dream.

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🧠 Write raw

Here’s a dirty, little secret: my essays are all really just stream-of-consciousness journal entries.

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🧠 I'm awake

I’ve been asleep. Drifting. Pushing buttons for 10 hours every day but not accomplishing anything.

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What I learned from Sam Parr about cold outreach

Sam Parr isn’t that big of a deal. But still, when he shared his screen it showed almost a thousand unread emails and hundreds of Twitter notifications. So this is what you’re competing with if you want to connect with people like him. It’s a noisy world out there.

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What I learned from Rob Walling about micropreneurship

Most of the books that I want to read during my Bootstrap MBA experiment focus on just one specific topic. This makes sense because book that cover too many topics usually don’t go deep enough to be useful. However, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to read at least one “general purpose” book that covers a lot of ground and thus can give me some orientation at the beginning of my journey. Initially, I decided to read Pieter Level’s book MAKE which is subtitled “The Bootstrapper’s Handbook” and has gathered a lot of praise in the maker community.

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⭐️ Build your personal self-invention machine

Most people treat their personal blogs with a wrong attitude. If you think of it as a self-promotion machine, chances are high that you’ll quickly be demotivated because not enough people read your stuff and most readers won’t enjoy reading your articles.

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🧠 Coming up with a learning challenge as an aspiring entrepreneur

A huge challenge everyone who decides to be self-employed needs to face is that there are suddenly no constraints. At school, university, or work, there are always deadlines and you had to carry pre-specified work using a pre-defined toolbox. But if you’re self employed, you can build anything, work on any project, using any tool, framework, or programming language.

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🧠 The Insight Epidemic

Information overload is not a real problem. Information is just prettified data and only slightly less boring. Hence, almost no one really cares about information and whether or not there’s too much of it.

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⭐️ Bet on Trends

As I’ve mentioned in my humble business ideation article, one of the best strategies for humble entrepreneurs without a huge marketing budget is to bet on trends. Big companies are typically too slow to move quickly enough. And if a market is still small when you enter it, it will be much easier to get the attention of customers. When the market then explodes, your business will grow accordingly. This way, “the market you’re in will determine most of your growth,” to quote Sahil Lavingia.

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🧠 My Principles and Practices of Personal Education

One area of my life I struggled with for a long time is education. I love to learn but what I’ve been doing for a long time was far from systematic. I picked books at random. I mostly restricted myself to purely passive reading. I didn’t interact with other people that are interested in the same topic.

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⭐️ Humble Businesses vs. Startups

Before we can generate and evaluate business ideas, we need to answer the question: what type of business do you want to build? This question is important because many ideas are not bad per se. Instead, they’re just bad if you want to build a particular kind of business.

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⭐️ Essays I put serious effort into

🧠 Raw brain dumps